District Heating presentation – Nov. 13 in Greenfield

Thursday, November 13, 2008 — 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. District Heating: A Renewable Energy Solution for our Communities Greenfield High School Auditorium 1 Lenox Ave (off of Silver Street in Greenfield)

The Franklin Regional Council of Governments is pleased to welcome Dr. Morris Pierce, University of Rochester and members of the Danish Board of District Heating. With high fuel costs, global warming, and growing concerns over the economy, communities are looking for ways to lower energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and create local jobs. District Heating can replace individual building heating systems relying on expensive, imported fossil fuels with an efficient community-wide heating network based on clean local renewable resources such as biomass, solar, and waste heat, allowing us to create jobs and keep our energy dollars in the local community. These systems have been widely adopted in Scandinavia over the past thirty years and deliver significant economic and environmental benefits. More than sixty percent of all houses in Denmark are served by district heating and they are the world leader in the accumulation of know-how, development, and implementation of innovative district heating technologies that they are actively sharing with communities in other countries.

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