Orange Town Energy Committee Up-date

Members of the Orange Ad Hoc Town Energy Committee attended the Orange Selectboard meeting on December 3, 2008.  Roland Butzke from Siemens Building Technologies presented information about preformance contracts and presented a preliminary energy audit of 15 town-owned buildings including the 3 elementary schools.  After a long and informative discussion, the Selectboard decided to go forward with a project with Siemens.  Roland Butzke will be meeting with the Orange School Committee on December 15, 2008 to present the preliminary audit and answer more questions.  After this meeting it will be clearer about how the town and Siemens may work together to bring energy efficiency and savings to the municipal buildings.   The town energy committee is supporting this effort.  But a large thank you is owned to Rick Kwiatkowski, the Orange Town Administrator, who worked for over a year with the Franklin  Regional Council of Governments and other towns to put together a collaboration so that many towns and school districts in Franklin County could work with an Siemens, the ESCO which was chosen during the summer.


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