Now is a good time to get an energy audit!

Due to falling fuel prices, the demand for energy audits has dropped off. This has created a good “window” to get a home energy assessment, as there is currently no waiting list. Also, incentives to help homeowners implement recommended energy efficiency measures have recently been expanded across western Massachusetts. So, if you have been meaning to get a MassSAVE home energy assessment, now is a great time to call to schedule your audit.

Please let your friends, co-workers and neighbors know. If you have a town newsletter, or you can do an e-blast to your community, please share the paragraph below to help homeowners take advantage of timely audits and expanded incentives.

75% off insulation and air sealing!
Could your home use more insulation or other energy efficiency improvements? Now is a great time to take advantage of generous incentives! If your home is served by National Grid, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, or Berkshire Gas, your cost to insulate or seal your home through the MassSAVE program could be reduced by 75% (up to $2000)! Call 1-866-527-7283 to speak to a MassSAVE representative about scheduling a free energy audit and getting an insulation proposal. CET provides most of the MassSAVE energy services in Western Massachusetts. Whether energy costs are high or low, buildings are responsible for almost 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. An energy efficient home saves money and helps the environment.


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