Petersham Memorial Library to show movie Kilowatt Ours

Have you ever wondered where your electricity comes from and what happens when you flip on the switch?

Filmmaker Jeff Barrie offers hope as he turns the camera on himself and asks, “How can I make a difference?” In his journey Barrie explores the source of our electricity and the problems caused by energy production including mountain top removal, childhood asthma and global warming. Along the way he encounters individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities who are leading the way, using energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable green power all while saving money and the environment. Through their learning experience, viewers discover how they can save hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills, and use a portion of the savings to purchase renewable energy.
Kilowatt Ours invites viewers to help build a net zero nation, by conserving energy to the greatest extent possible at home, then using clean renewable energy to provide the electricity used.

Attend a showing of Kilowatt Ours on Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 6 pm at the Petersham Memorial Library. This often amusing and always inspiring story shows, “You can easily make a difference and here’s how!”


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