Meeting minutes, September 17, 2009

North Quabbin Energy
Meeting minutes
Sept. 17, 2009
Millers River Environmental Center

Attending: Judy Northrup Bennett, Donna Caisse, Steve and Janice Kurkoski, Pat Larson, Jane Manring, Brian Nugent, Cathy Stanton

Garlic and Arts Festival, Oct. 3 and 4
Planning is well underway for this. Steve and Janice will be picking up pop-up tents and other things from NESEA for set-up the week before the festival. (Set-up starts on Sunday, Sept. 27 from 2-5 p.m., continues Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. on, and goes all day Friday, Oct. 2.) We still need additional volunteers for our table, particularly on Sunday afternoon. Pat will send a reminder email about this to our list. Janice will make name tags for volunteers.

We are in pretty good shape for literature to hand out. We will use up what materials we have on hand and will print or acquire a few more (biomass info sheet, flyer, etc.). We will have postcards for Massachusetts residents to sign asking Senator Kerry to support the inclusion of full environmental reckoning for any new biomass plants built with federal funding. Jane will donate stamps to be put on the postcards. Pat will get the copy for the cards from Tina Clarke, who is working on this campaign.

Brian will bring winserts to demonstrate, and we will have winsert manuals available for people to take (with a donation encouraged). Brian is also working on a prototype of a hot air window heater that he will try to bring and demonstrate at our table.

We talked about what kind of activity we should sponsor to publicize’s international day of action on Oct. 24, and decided that we would have a walk from the Athol town hall to the Orange town hall from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 24 with a banner that we will get people to help with during the Garlic and Arts Festival. People can write resolutions on strips of cloth that we will fasten to a long banner saying, “Stop the climate crisis: 350 ppm.” Janice and Donna will bring safety pins to fasten the streamers. Pat will register our event on the website.

Brian came up with a good, succinct explanation about what 350 means: “350 is the parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at approximately the 1990 level; today it’s about 390 ppm. If we get back to 350, the temperature rise that is currently happening is expected to stay two degrees above today’s temperature, which is bad enough but not as bad as what will happen with a rise above that level. October 24 is an international day of action designed to raise awareness of the figure and the crisis, and to give people a definite target level to bear in mind.”

Town energy committees
Royalston: Donna reported that the new committee is in the process of being formed.
New Salem: The new committee there has started meeting.
The FRCOG representative who is providing technical assistance to the towns collaborating in our regional “Green Communities” consortium will be in the area on Oct. 29. North Quabbin Energy will try to find a meeting date when we can host people from the various town energy committees, as a way of supporting what they’re doing, strengthening the connections among towns and people, and talking about Green Communities and other things. We will work on planning this at our next meeting.

Winsert manuals
People took copies of the manual to donate to area libraries. We still need to distribute them to Petersham, Erving, and Phillipston libraries. Cathy will take care of this.

Next meeting
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Millers River Environmental Center
Potluck at 6 p.m., meeting at 6:30

To North Quabbin Energy home.


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