Meeting minutes from Dec. 16, 2009 meeting

Nancy Bashista, Donna Caisse, Janice Kurkoski, Pat Larson, Jane Manring, Brian Nugent, Linda Paquet, Tom Rich, Cathy Stanton

Hal Gillam has written up a report based on our December 3 gathering of people from all the area town energy committees. Pat mentioned the importance of keeping in touch with the people who came to the meeting and also encouraging them to go to the Jan. 14 informational meeting on the Mass. Stretch Code, since it looks as though that will be a sticking-point in many towns in terms of gaining acceptance for the more stringent regulations about buildings and energy efficiency. NQE will contact each town committee (especially those in the Green Communities collaboration) to make sure that they know about the meeting and to suggest that they begin a discussion with their selectboards about the Stretch Code. Pat will send out Hal’s report to the committees.

The Home Show (now renamed the North Quabbin Home and Living Expo) will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 27. At a planning meeting at the Chamber of Commerce today, it was decided that workshops and presentations just don’t seem all that suited to the Home Show, so we won’t plan on doing those again. Janice suggested a “Contractor Q&A” panel, perhaps at a table with a rotating cast of contractors. We will think about additional vendor prospects to pass along to the Chamber, and will divide up the list of “green” vendors after the New Year to make follow-up phone calls. North Quabbin Energy will work on signage and also on composting and recycling. We will work on this more at our January meeting.

After our Dec. 5 workday at Cathy’s house, we decided to design a “how-to” workshop to teach people some basic weatherization techniques, which we will test-run in Petersham and then also offer at the Home Show. We also talked about connecting with CET or CSG to find out if they will share their list of prospective home energy auditees, so that we can follow up with people and encourage them to get an audit.

After much discussion, we concluded that we don’t have a clear sense of where to go with this workshop idea at this time. We have hosted weatherization workshops in the past but it seems that those are not as successful when the price of fuel is not high. There were also questions about who would lead the workshops, whether we were aiming to get people thinking about conservation in general or about weatherizing their houses or both, etc. It seemed that we are perhaps at a point where we need to reconsider the group’s mission (something we have done occasionally since we started in 2005) and think about what kinds of projects are the best use of our own energy. We will continue this discussion at future meetings.

Next meeting:
Monday, January 25 6:30 p.m.
Millers River Environmental Center

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