Remembering Don Audet

I was sad today to hear the news that our good friend Don Audet died on Jan. 16 at the age of 88. Don was at the very first North Quabbin Energy gatherings in 2005 (before we’d actually formed ourselves into an organization per se) and his wonderful spirit and enthusiasm for living an energy-conscious life were inspirational to the rest of us in the group from then until he moved out of the area last spring. He called me to chat on Thanksgiving, and although he warned me that his congestive heart condition meant I would need to do most of the talking, he still couldn’t resist chiming in about everything that struck his interest, which was just about everything! He was a truly loving person, whose memory I’ll cherish.
– Cathy Stanton

Don Audet (at left) as one of the River Rat paraders in April 2006



  1. Pat Larson said

    I was saddened to hear of the death of Don. Although I only knew Don for five years, he was an inspiration as he worked with a small group of people who started North Quabbin Energy. When he moved from his home in Orange, some of us gathered to share stories and thoughts about our work together. I will always remember him as a thoughtful, kind and creative person. For close to five years Don was a vital part of North Quabbin Energy. I remember working with Don at our first Energy Expo in 2006 to talk with people about using clotheslines instead of dryers, switching light bulbs, and turning done the heat. Don did all of these things and more. Don was a true inspiration to me and others as he shared what he read and tried. His actions demonstrated his deep concerns for the environment. My thoughts go out to his family at this time. I will always hold Don in my heart as a special person and cherish the short time I knew him.
    Pat Larson

  2. Janice & Steve Kurkoski said

    We first met Don & this group in the fall of 2006 at the Energy Fair at Athol Library. After speaking with Don & others present, Steve & I said to ourselves “what a down to earth group – let’s work with them!”
    All the things we think we are doing that are new and groovy, Don had been doing his whole life. What a guy! – what great values! and so sharp, so cute!
    ..and only at our last going away party at his house did I find out we were from the same town – Fitchburg, MA….probably (I hope) even cut from the same cloth!
    We’ll miss him.

  3. Cara Cleveland said

    The first and only time I met Don was at a North Quabbin Energy meeting. It was my first meeting and his last. Although I only met him that once I feel as though I know him. His wisdom, enthusiasm and ideas are often remembered at our meetings. My thoughts go out to his family.
    Cara Cleveland

  4. […] memories is of staffing our table at the Garlic and Arts Festival in the fall of 2006 with Rand and Don Audet, two great New England guys who were living their lives to the fullest even though both were […]

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