David Murphy on “Net Energy” in Wendell, May 21, 2010

What’s “net energy”? How about EROI? These terms aren’t part of the general discussion about sustainable energy production and use, but according to David J. Murphy, they should be. EROI stands for “energy return on energy invested,” a key measure of how much it costs to produce energy from a given source (for example, if it takes more energy to make ethanol from corn than the ethanol itself gives us, that is a net loss rather than a wise “renewable” energy source).

Join the Wendell Energy Task Force, North Quabbin Energy, and Greening Greenfield on Friday, May 21, 2010 for two events featuring David Murphy. The first, at 3 p.m. at the Wendell Library, is a workshop designed for town planners and members of energy committees. Then at 7:30, Murphy will give a presentation at the Wendell Town Hall that is open to the general public. Both events are free and supported by a Renewable Energy Trust Clean Energy Grant to the Town of Wendell. Visit the North Quabbin Energy homepage for links to posters with more information about both events.

You can also read articles by David Murphy about net energy and EROI here.

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  1. Jonathan von Ranson said

    We on the Wendell Energy Task Force are realizing that the local level unfortunately is pretty much on its own when it comes to wise energy policy. This is good, scientific information that Murphy is presenting for our towns to, hopefully, absorb and act on in the absence of good, science-based leadership from state and federal governments. It gives a basis (in physics and economics) for choosing between the various energy options and clarifies the place of conservation.

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