Meeting minutes, Sept. 22, 2010

Attending: Neil Anders, Janice and Steve Kurkoski, Pat Larson, Brian Nugent, Cathy Stanton

National Grid electricity data
We are still not sure how we will use this data once we’ve collected it. There were some differences of opinion about the usefulness of the figures, which we will continue to discuss at a future meeting.

Garlic and Arts Festival
We still need a few volunteers on Sunday. Pat will bring literature to hand out at our table. Someone from CET will be there Saturday afternoon and will be encouraging people to do MassSave audits. MassSave has special offers and deals right now, but no good brochures to advertise them, so we will try to have information and flyers available on this. We will also be looking for people to sign up for the Oct. 23 winsert workshop. Cathy will make a signup sheet for that, with some information about how to measure windows for making people’s winserts.

October 23 winsert workshop
We still have foam tape and some plastic from previous workshops and projects, so wood is the only material we need to buy. We decided to ask for a refundable $10 deposit to make people more likely to come if they sign up.

Gasification plant proposal in Athol
There has been discussion in the area about a possible proposal to build a municipal solid waste gasifier. Some opposition to the project has been organized, and we talked about whether we should join this. There was a sense that we need more information and time to consider it (if and when a project is actually proposed) before expressing an opinion. Neil will work on gathering some information later in the fall.

Newspaper articles
We agreed to table this idea until later in the winter. There will be an article in the Greenfield Recorder’s “green” supplement soon about Warwick’s town energy committee activities.

Local food brochure
Rather than applying to all nine towns, we decided it made more sense to apply to just a couple, perhaps focusing on those with the greatest number of farms and food businesses listed in the brochure. We will get prices for photocopying 1,000 copies and will ask each of two towns for half that amount.

Farm, Field, and Forest (Sept. 25, 2010)
Brian, Kristin Marquis, and John Jackson will be attending this as participants. Pat will also go and will give a very brief introduction to North Quabbin Energy, including a plug for the Oct. 23 winsert workshop.

Athol received its Green Communities check this week, for close to $200,000. The town has put out an RFP for a sizeable solar installation to offset its municipal electricity costs, and is currently weighing the proposals that have come in.

Next meeting
Thursday, Nov. 18, 6:30 p.m. at MREC


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