2011 Garlic and Arts Festival Energy Speakers

Renewable Energy Presentation Descriptions and Speaker Bios


10:15 – 12:30 pm

The 1st Annual North Quabbin Power of Solutions Forum

An open roundtable discussion with our Town Energy Committees

1:00 pm

Is Solar Domestic Hot Water Right For You?
Brandon Turner
This talk will be the very basics of solar domestic hot water. Many folks wonder if their home is a candidate for solar hot water, and we will walk through the steps to determine the answer. After some basic teaching of how solar hot water works we will go through what a typical solar hot water site visit looks like. Evaluate your home or business based on the information presented. There will be time for questions & answers.

Brandon Turner is the owner of Renewed by the Son, a solar energy system design and installation company in Erving, MA.

2:00 pm

How Infrared Thermography Can Lead You to Deep Energy Savings

Neil Anders

Come explore low cost and yet high impact techniques commonly available to home owners where they can save big money. These down to earth practices can be done by almost anyone and potentially yields a return on investment within a couple of winter months. Put your home on an energy diet without breaking the budget!

Neil Anders is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) trained energy auditor and the owner of Energy Ecotip, an energy auditing company from Barre Massachusetts.

3:00 pm

Making and Using Low-Tunnel Hoophouses

Daniel Botkin & John DiMatteo

Daniel and John will explain and demonstrate the building and using of “low-tunnel” hoophouse structures around the calendar. These low-cost, unheated greenhouses can be used for habitat modification and season extension by gardeners, foodies and other aspiring growers who seek to extend and enhance their harvests, spring, fall (and winter!). Used widely by professional growers, these low-tech structures can kickstart the intentions of serious growers of any size.

After a career in teaching, Dan Botkin now farms (and mentors newbies), following an eclectic, practical and intuitive approach to diversified, food production. He grows unusual heirloom vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers and runs a small CSA from his 3+ acre Laughing Dog Farm in Gill, Massachusetts.
John DiMatteo is an inspired carpenter and gardener living currently at Laughing Dog Farm. He has been bending pipe and refining a prototype 10’x6’x5′ hoophouse and teaching at-home pipe bending to interested partners.


12:00 pm

Integrating Renewables Into Existing Fossil Fuel Homes

Paul Voiland and Jared Alvord

The duo from Sandri Energy will offer handouts that explore the relative operating costs of different types of systems. They will also have sample plans that spell out some of the costs of various system upgrades.

With over 20 years of experience in all manner of heating and cooling systems, Paul Voiland can help you figure out what is the most sensible way for you to figure out what you should do in your house; whether it is to get rid of all of your fossil fuel use or to cut it down to a manageable level. Jared Alvord, a native of Plainfield, MA, is a recent graduate of UVM where he studied renewable energy systems and business. He is well versed in Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems and their finances. He works from the beginning lead intake, to follow up with site assessments, creation of quotes, financials, and all rebate and grant paperwork involved with each job.

1:00 pm

Converting Your Bike to Electric – real green transportation now.

Peter Talmage

Learn what to do, how to do it, and get results – BYOB (Bike!).

Peter Talmage is an engineer and teacher who has lived and worked with solar systems and energy efficiency since 1975. Currently he is teaching full time at Greenfield Community College in the Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Program, commuting 30 miles round trip on his electric bike. When time allows he consults on energy matters.

2:00 pm

Bring Your House into the 21st Century (without selling the farm!)

Bick Corsa, Bick Corsa Carpentry, and Laura Biddulph, CET

Hear it from the horse’s mouth: an integrated “whole house as a system” approach to energy, durability and comfort improvements to your home. PLUS, Laura invites you to take a closer look at an old idea – do-it-yourself interior storm windows, or “winserts.”

Bick Corsa has built three passive solar, high performance houses. His focus is on practical, non-toxic, and affordable measures to construct or retrofit homes to a very high energy efficiency level. Laura Biddulph is the community outreach specialist in the Pioneer Valley for the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) and has a background in home energy assessments.

3:00 pm

Forestry as If the Future Mattered

Bruce Spencer

Our forests are self-sustaining ecosystems that provide us with vital services such as biodiversity, clean water, wildlife habitat, forest products, clean air, and places of spiritual value. Unfortunately, our consumptive and expanding society is slowly reducing forest ecosystem services even if we are not harvesting any forest products. Together, human sustainability and forests mean strict limits on consumption. Come learn the ins and outs of forestry with a conscience.

Bruce Spencer has a BS and MS from UMass and has spent 41 years as Chief Forester managing MDC/DCR’s Quabbin and Ware River Watersheds. Currently he manages his own woodlot as both forester and logger.

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