Oct. 17, 2011 meeting

Attending:  Paul Goyetche, Pat Larson, Tom Rich, Cathy Stanton


  • Warwick Arts Council is sponsoring a film screening of Islands in the Wind and Ocean Energy Innovators on Saturday, Oct. 22 in the Warwick Town Hall.  The filmmaker, David Conover of Maine, will be in attendance.
  • There will be a Seeds of Solidarity farm tour on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Solar farms:

We talked more about concerns and issues relating to the proposed solar farms in the area:

  • Are wind and solar generation capacity similar?
  • What responsibilities do the companies have to upgrade equipment or dismantle it if it becomes obsolete or worn out?
  • How reputable are these companies and will they be in business over the long haul?
  • How does this affect wildlife habitat?
  • Should towns all establish a solar overlay district?
  • How do privately-owned solar farms benefit a town or region?  (Selling electricity into the grid doesn’t necessarily benefit us per se or contribute to making our area more energy self-sufficient.)
  • Are there adequate labor and environmental safeguards in the manufacturing processes for the panels that are being used?
  • Will National Grid add more capacity for renewable generation as time goes on?

Cathy will draft a general statement about our group’s position on these kinds of projects and we will send it around to the core group for comments.

Possible next meeting dates:

Cathy will set up a Doodle poll to choose between these dates:

Monday, Nov. 14, Wed., Nov. 16 – potluck at 6 p.m., meeting at 6:30 p.m.


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